Jeff has been tutoring my son for the past year and a half, both in-person and online. Last school year, with Jeff’s help, my son achieved excellent results in Grade 11 subjects (Functions, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry). I was so impressed with Jeff’s professionalism, teaching strategies, and pleasant manner that it was an easy decision to continue having him tutor my son during Grade 12 (currently for Biology and Chemistry). As a parent, I feel blessed to have found Jeff! My son’s level of stress has gone down, as he is able to ask Jeff to clarify any difficult concepts. Jeff is well prepared with detailed lessons and practice work on every chapter. He helps with homework and assignments and does it all with patience and care. My son has improved not only his grades (i.e., 94 in Gr. 11 Bio, and 88 in Gr. 11 Chemistry), but also his work habits. I truly believe, that having Jeff tutor my son has been one of the best things I could have done for my son’s future and for my own sanity. Thank you Jeff for changing lives one student at the time!

Germina Mocioiu

Jeff tutored my daughter Paige in Advanced Functions. She found the sessions that she had with Jeff very helpful in improving her understanding of the subject. He encouraged her to ask questions, no matter how basic, and this helped her fill in the gaps in knowledge that she had.

David – Paige’s dad

I would like to thank Jeff for helping my son, Daniel, with his grade 11 math course. Daniel got an 81 on his final exam. There was a big difference in how well Daniel was doing after he started to receive help from Jeff. His teacher called me at the end of the term to tell me how impressed she was in Daniel’s improvement.

Gabriella – Mother of Daniel

Jeff was my tutor for two years. He helped me with grade 11 and 12 math and physics. He was always really good at helping me get to a solution by using hints and reminding me of what I already knew. I enjoyed my lessons with him because of his sense of humour. He gave me lots of practice tests that had questions that were very similar to the ones I had on my actual tests. I couldn’t have done as well as I did in my classes without his help.

Robert – Grade 12 Student

I was doing pretty badly in advanced functions. I had an average in the low 60s after the first two tests, so my dad decided to find a tutor to help me improve my marks. I was hesitant at first because I never had a tutor before and didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad that my dad was able to find Jeff. Jeff knew the material of the course really well. I prepared questions to ask him every week that I wasn’t able to answer, and he would help me work through them. I ended up with an 83% in advanced functions. I even had tests that I got over 90 in. I continued to have Jeff as my tutor in second semester. He also tutored me in calculus and physics. I went from a 75% in grade 11 physics to 87% in grade 12. I think that having a tutor made me a lot more dedicated to the courses because Jeff expected me to work hard and be ready to have questions to ask him every time he came.

Harris, K – Maple High Student

I loved having Jeff as my tutor. He helped me with my online grade 12 chemistry course. He was really good at explaining what I didn’t understand. He’ll explain something in different ways until you understand it. I found the practice worksheets and tests that he gave me very helpful in preparing me for my tests. He helped me improve my lab reports by editing them and leaving comments in the word file.

Michelle – Waterloo Kinesiology Student

Jeff tutored my son Jamie for close to two years. He first tutored him in grade 11 physics, and later on in grade 12 biology and chemistry. Jeff did a great job preparing Jamie for tests and helping him with his assignments and projects. Jamie started to get much better marks after just a few weeks of tutoring. Jamie liked the sessions that he had with Jeff, and it was a clear that Jeff was a good fit for him. Jeff would always update me on how Jamie was doing and what they had accomplished during the session.

Cathy – Jamie’s mom